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Love at Sea

I leave, a wanderer on an early eve

To greet the violet summerly sea

To take ahold upon some feeling

Of destiny, of wonder—and majesty!

Given kisses to the verge of aching

It impressed upon me silently

His Body wept cold crystals bereft

Never again to follow constantly.

But I had no heart, no way of seeing

How limpen land could set me free

In drunken fervor, my mast departed

Longing for true splendors everly.

Mirage split between earth and sea

The shoreline sang its sweet song to me.

The sun but danced upon the water

Mother-of-pearl echoed distantly.

As I traveled far and farther

Beyond the World-gates could decree

I gazed out desperately out yonder

Where could this treasure I seek be?

His warm sweet breath then came to mind

Flooding all suddenly, violently

He'd bloomed more than Eternal Spring

Winter-breath perfumed air with filigree

I could now see his tender soft skin and Soul

Willing me to eclipse the journey at sea

Staring intently at the moon-lust water

A familiar silver face stared curiously

But the shorelines song was now empty

For now I had gone to a higher power

And I could never go back intendedly

To the harp-filled siren angelic Choir.

To the star-filled unbound Dark Plains

To the still Total ebony

With many regrets I egress,

But I at last found Love at Sea.

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