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Editors' Note

Dearest Readers,

Welcome to the third edition of Kalaa! With wonderful submissions of art and literature, we were able to create a beautiful composition that is sure to thrill and enchant.

From sensory, poetic masterpieces that leave the honeyed taste of sunlight dissolving on your tongue to the lyrical kiss of saltwater against your skin, this magazine displays an intellectual and emotional fascination with the world, both real and fanciful. This magazine is for the starry eyes of dreamers, the muddied knees of the adventurers. This is for the romantics and the artists. Naturally, this is for you.

To love art – digital, traditional, and everything in between – is to span the entirety of human nature, allowing us to delight and weep in turn through an abstraction that only we can understand. When the world is still and silent, we turn to art. When we rage and sob and scream, we turn to art. And when we feel the blossoming flutter of joy, we turn to art. Therefore, we have nothing but the deepest gratitude for those who bared their soul to the world, who showed the deepest parts of themselves, and didn’t balk at showing vulnerability.

To love writing – whether that be poetry or prose or one’s own amalgamation of the two – is to understand the complexity and beauty of humanity. It fosters recognition between peers, and grants an insight into others that we wouldn’t otherwise have. It is the words we speak when nobody is listening, the stories we tell in the dark. With so many silent voices in the world, here is to being heard.

As we hunker down in the waning light of the winter months, this issue gently offers both comfort and escape; a sanctuary built by the compelling works of our wonderful contributors, filling the soul with a beautiful thought to carry through the day.

Of course, we, the editors, were not alone in creating this incredible magazine. We want to give a special thank you to: Megan Hinckley, our wonderful layout editor, our president Kathryn Lakin, our vice president Amena Nushrat, our secretary Jolin Edmondson, and our social media manager Sumaira Haque. The work brought before you would not exist without these extraordinary individuals, and we are incredibly grateful for their support and devotion towards both the Arts and Literary Club and Kalaa.

With our greatest joy and excitement, we present the newest edition of Kalaa. We hope you love it as much as we do.

With love,

Your Editors

Laura Davies

Sophie Lentz

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